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The Vumba (Bvumba) area in Eastern Zimbabwe, of which Seldomseen is a part, is incredibly diverse ranging from fairly dry Brachystegia (Miombo) woodlands in the lower altitudes to lush Evergreen Forest higher up the mountain slopes. These 2 major vegetation types are interspersed with montane grasslands and commercially planted alien trees of which a number are invasive. The Vumba mountains are an important watershed, intercepting the rain bearing winds from the Mozambique coast, creating cool, moist conditions and giving rise to several rivers which flow east to Chicamba Dam in Mozambique, or west to join the Odzi and Save rivers in Zimbabwe. The altitude ranges from 650 meters above sea level in the Burma Valley to 1850 meters above sea level, thus presenting a variety of habitats for birds, and other wildlife within a fairly small area. The Vumba is home to a number of range-restricted and semi endemic species of plants, butterflies, reptiles and birds. Many of these are a major attraction for visitors to Seldomseen.

As Seldomseen is centrally situated in the Vumba, bird watchers have the opportunity to maximise the number of species to be found in a fairly short time and distance.

We encourage the scientific study of the Biodiversity of our beautiful and diverse area whether that be birds, mammals, reptiles, insects (butterflies), trees, orchids, ferns or the habitats in general.

The Biodiversity of the Vumba is threatened by deforestation on the lower slopes, and the subtle but no less threatening invasion of several plant species. These include the beautifully flowered Ginger Lily (Hedychium gardnerianum) and Yellow Cestrum which invade the moist forests to the Silver and Black Wattle and Blackwood that is invading the grasslands. At Seldomseen we are continually battling to control (with varying levels of success) the aliens found within the bounds of our property. This is a costly exercise.